My Discrete Arcade Game Collection

Nothing here is for sale, so please don't make offers on them...

The repair logs/write-ups for some of the games leave a lot to be desired...
I will try improve on that with future repairs...


Name Game Screen PCB Image PCB Revision Working? Write-up Misc. Purchase Price:
Anti-Aircraft (1975) REVISION
Everything works, except for the sound. (Probably because of the negative voltage circuit.)
Sound. Why is it always the sound?
Write-up & Repair Logs This is the fourth PCB I have bought. This also was the first game I fixed to the point where it is playable. Bought for $80
Partially. By that I mean it does nothing useful. Write-up & Repair Logs This is the third PCB I bought. I bought it with the intention of dumping the ROM. Bought for $135


Wait... They only released Olympic Tennis. Why did I make a separate section for their game?

Name Game Screen PCB Image PCB Revision Working? Write-up Misc. Purchase Price:
Olympic Tennis (1973) Not fixed yet... REVISION
Well... The clock circuit does.
Write-up & Repair Logs These were my first two PCBs. I don't know which I bought first, they were bought within 5 minutes of each other. Bought for $75
Olympic Tennis (1973) REVISION
Yes. Fully. Err... to my knowledge. I don't know enough about the game to determine if it needs a start button, or just needs two pins bridged with a wire like on rebound.
(Look under technical.)
Write-up & Repair Logs Bought for $75

PCBs wanted:

Game PCB wanted: Level of want (on a scale of 1 to 10) Notes: How much I will pay for it:
Atari PONG (1972) 3 If bought, I will fix it and do the mods as mentioned here, to convert it to Super Pong. $30. It's pong. $50 if it works.
Atari Rebound / Kee Games Spike (1973) 5 I only want Spike if it comes with, or I find, an edge pinout diagram. Rebound just follows the PONG pinout, except for pins 2 & 3. Spike... I don't know. I don't want to buy one and find out I'm wrong the hard way. (Like with my Olympic Tennis boards.) $75. It's pong turned on its ear.
Atari Breakthru (1975) 5 Not Breakout, Breakthru. An unreleased breakout prototype. I saw a Proto-A Breakthru board on EBAY a while back. It sold for $10.50. From guessing, based on the game variation in the 2600 breakout cartridge, it must be a variation of breakout where the ball passes through the bricks. 'Kinda like Clean Sweep. $75
Atari Pin Pong (1974) 7 Seems like a cool game! $75
Atari Crossfire (1975) 10 GRAIL GAME! $100
Atari Color Gotcha (1973) 10 GRAIL GAME! $100

Parts wanted:

Game: Part: Why: How much I will pay:
Atari QWAK! (1974) Light Gun I want to be able to kill that video duck... I will also document all electronic aspects of the light gun.
(That includes me making a schematic of the Optical Board AND making it publicly available here.)
$75 for light gun alone.
$100 for whole control panel. (MUST BE COMPLETE!)

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