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Garden of Eden pinball

In this new page I am going to be posting my progress on my pinball machine.

My machine's theme will be The Garden of Eden.

At my school I have a deadline of May 8th 2015.

What I have done so far is:

  1. put the flippers in
  2. mounted the flipper buttons and their appropriate switches
  3. mounted ball launcher
  4. built the cabinet body
  5. built the marquee
  6. Finished It!!!

for this build I will be posting pictures to prove my progress.

Here I am drilling holes for the metal pieces on the edges of my machine

Here I am drilling the holes to mount the metal peices.

Here is a picture of the incomplete cabinet.

Here is a picture of the wooden cabinet.

Of course, you need a mount for a power switch and a plug

Switch and plug mounted in.

Flipper mechs.

Flippers mounted in.

Buttons and corresponding switches in along with launcher holes drilled in place.

Underbelly view.

plunger pulled back.

launchlane retaining wall.

other side of launchlane getting glued in.

outlane being put in.

almost finished out-lanes

givin' it guts

wiring it up.

making a common ground.

mounting in the arduino mega 2560, rs-485,power driver 16 board.

programing to test it out.

holes for the start button

more holes for the start button.

start button mounted in.

slingshots started

finished slingshot (without graphics)

return lanes are put in.

working on re-wiring the whole thing.

The operational machine.

the machine at night!

adding playfield stuff

more wiring!

adding the pop bumpers!!!

never have enough wires!

one more pop to go!

a more operational machine!

all the pops and drop targets!

Drop targets!

Even more stuff is on the bottom!

More playfield hardware.

Putting in playfield inserts

*sigh* still more to do.

Last inserts!

We must paint before we apply graphics!

Some of the graphics

finished graphics

hacking a 9volt @850mili-amp wall-wart

finishing up the playfield!

the maquee's backlighting

It works! First try!

Almost finished!

A very beautiful machine.

really close

frosted lamps

last of the painting!

Last of the glueing!

adding led striplighting

It is finished!

A week before the exposition that is on May 8th, 2015.

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