Redrawn Schematics & Chip Replacements

Obsolete Part Replacement Part
8212 74153
9300 74195
9311 74154
9316 74161
9322 74157
Intersil 5610 (I5610) 82S123
Intersil 5523 (I5523) 82S16
ua741 NTE941M

Schematics I've Redrawn:


For the most part, Atari's schematics are quite legible.
That is why I have not needed to redraw very many...

Game Regular-Sized Download Easy-To-Read Download Notes:
Space Race (1973) Atari Space Race, REV - F ETR First schematic I redrew...
Redrawn from the Space Race schematics on the Arcade Manual Archive.


RAMTEK has this weird signal naming convention where they just throw together random letters and numbers.
RAMTEK also has this nasty habit of leaving outputs unconnected in their schematics.
(Well, seemingly unconnected. They write the output signal name in the gate...)

Game Regular-Sized Download Easy-To-Read Download Notes:
Clean Sweep (1974) There are too many errors. I figured it would be better to wait until I have fixed most of them. I am in the process of reverse-engineering the game to change the signal names from stuff like 5TLG8 and 5BL57 to stuff that makes sense.
I have already identified stuff like 1H - 256H, 1V-256V, composite sync, VSYNC, HSYNC, HBLANK, etc.
Second schematic I redrew...
Redrawn from KESBACH1's Clean Sweep schematics.

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