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My most recent pinball build -- Golden Spike!

This is Golden Spike: my project for the 2018-2019 school year. Ironically, the day of the school exhibition -- May 10th, 2019 -- commemorated the exact 150th anniversary of the completion of our great Nation's first Transcontinental Railroad.
I have invested over 326 hours of active time into this project, and I've written about it all! Check it out here!

My big project for 2018 -- PERISCOPE

This is PERISCOPE. A completely unique arcade game designed with '70s technology, called TTL (or Transistor - Transistor Logic,). I started this project in late 2017 as a 14-year-old, and I finished it as a 15-year-old, in 2018. (My Dad did the glorious sideart, though.)

One of the Prototypes used 160 logic chips. The final PCB only has 92. I could probably reduce it down to around 70 chips if I wanted to.

The project that started it all -- The Garden Of Eden Pinball Machine

Oh... and if anyone is wondering what this school year's big project is... I'M DESIGNING A VECTOR ARCADE GAME! We've bought a G05-801 Vector monitor and I have soldered up a working Atari digital vector generator. There will be a CPU board, a Cartridge board, and a Vector Generator board. I fully expect the Vector Generator board to be all that is finished this year, since there is a very large amount of TTL used to normalize x and y coordinates sent by the CPU board. This will be a 2-year project. Stay tuned.

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