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After 846+ hours over 2½ years, Golden Spike is finished!

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In the 2019-2020 schoolyear, I began to design my own vector arcade system, but I was only able to finish the vector graphics card. It follows processes described by Jed Margolin to perform binary normalization on x and y coordinates.

It goes through 11 steps to load coordinates from a bank of double-buffered Vector Ram, calculate the slope of the resulting line, and move the electron beam between those points. It also contains hardware speedups to ensure that horizontal and vertical lines are drawn as fast as possible. This is how it was able to draw the Kincaid Arcade logo at 186 frames per second on my G05-801. When throttled to 60fps, some images need to have really long invisible vectors added so the spot killer on the monitor doesn't light. Yeah, it's that fast.

The only thing on it that I did not design was the analog circuits for the vector generator. I just copied those from the Atari Asteroids Deluxe manual.

After spending over 326 hours and 10 minutes on the project, I realized that even if I continued the project in the following year, I wouldn't have had time to design the 16-bit processor or write an assembly-language game program for it. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish this project after college.

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My most recent pinball build -- Golden Spike!

This is Golden Spike: my project for the 2018-2019 school year. Amazingly, the day of the school exhibition -- May 10th, 2019 -- commemorated the exact 150th anniversary of the completion of our great Nation's first Transcontinental Railroad. We only realized this a month or so before the school exhibition... how cool is that!
I have invested over 846 hours of active time into this project, but the page currently only covers the first 326 hours. Check it out here!

If you think homebrew pinball machines are cool, check out the My Projects page -- it has write-ups about TONS of cool stuff I've done over the years! I also enjoy fixing vintage arcade games, so check out my Vintage Arcade Collecting Pages if you find repair logs and other technical stuff interesting!

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