Webiste Changelog

This is just a running list of all the stuff I've done with my website.

Changes made 1/1/2023

I updated all copyrights to say 2023.

Changes made 1/5/2022

I did a massive grammar, spelling, and readability check on every page of my website. Any pages that were updated indicate so at the bottom.

Updated the terms of use on the About Me page.

Changes made 1/1/2022

I finished updating the page on the Golden Spike Pinball Machine, 6 months later than I intended to.

I added a writeup for cloning Space Race.

I added a writeup and files for the Kincaid Arcade Type-001 MK-2 "Sparrow" to the Downloads page.

I updated all the copyrights to say 2022.

Changes made 8/4/2021

I added a custom "404 File Not Found" page.

Changes made 6/26/2021

I added the Kincaid Arcade Pinball Driver System files to the Downloads page, but did not update the Golden Spike page since it isn't ready yet.

I changed "My Classic TTL Arcade Games" to say "My Vintage Arcade Games" to make it easier to understand at first glance.

I made some changes to the .css stylesheet that required moving some tags around on some pages. Ordered and unordered lists look much better now, though!

Changes made 1/6/2021

I updated all the copyrights to say 2021 - I forgot to do that a week ago!

Changes made 11/30/2020

I added some pictures and a section for my mousetrap cars on the My Projects page.

Changes made 11/11/2020

I added a write-up about reproducing the light gun for Atari Outlaw,

I added the design files to the downloads page,

and I added some information to the QWAK! page.

Changes made 9/6/2020

I did a new write-up for the About Me page. It even uses proper grammar conventions! :)

Changes made 8/30/2020

I added the Jet Fighter repair log and finally fixed QWAK!

I also added a writeup about desinging the Kincaid Arcade Vector Graphics Card.

I added some stuff to my Collecting Pages.

I decided to make pretty much everything on my website availible under CC BY-SA 4.0

I rearranged several pages and made other minor improvements.

Finally, after several years of head scratching, I figured out why my "Kincaid Arcade" header wasn't centered.

Changes made 1/1/2020

I updated all of the copyrights to say 2020.

I changes to some of my Terms of Use.

I changed "My Discrete Arcade Games" to say "My Classic TTL arcade games".

Lastly, I added a couple of old pictures I found to my cloning PONG page.

Earlier changes have not been recorded since I first had the idea to make this page 8/29/2020.

This iteration of KincaidArcade.com has existed since 2018.

This page was published 8/30/2020

This page was last edited 1/5/2022