Webiste Changelog

This is just a running list of all the stuff I've done with my website.

Changes made 9/6/2020

I did a new write-up for the About Me page. It even uses proper grammar conventions! :)

Changes made 8/30/2020

I added the Jet Fighter repair log and finally fixed QWAK!

I also added a writeup about desinging the Kincaid Arcade Vector Graphics Card.

I added some stuff to my Collecting Pages.

I decided to make pretty much everything on my website availible under CC BY-SA 4.0

I rearranged several pages and made other minor improvements.

Finally, after several years of head scratching, I figured out why my "Kincaid Arcade" header wasn't centered.

Changes made 1/1/2020

I updated all of the copyrights to say 2020.

I changes to some of my Terms of Use.

I changed "My Discrete Arcade Games" to say "My Classic TTL arcade games".

Lastly, I added a couple of old pictures I found to my cloning PONG page.

Earlier changes have not been recorded since I first had the idea to make this page 8/29/2020.

This page was published 8/30/2020

This page was last edited 9/6/2020